Racine man burned when trying to move grease from kitchen fire outside

Racine fire crews arrived at the scene of a kitchen fire on Saturday and had to transport a burn victim to a local hospital.

When fire personnel arrived at 1729 Racine St. for reports of a stove fire, the fire was already out. Despite the fire being out, a man was injured trying to move burning grease outside.

The injured man sustained 2nd-degree burns to about 35% of his body. He was transported to Ascension All Saints Hospital and is listed in stable condition.

Due to the living conditions noticed by first responders, the health department was notified. The health department worked with the family and they were able to return to the home.

Officials remind the public that grease fires are difficult to handle. If a grease fire happens, turn off the stove if you are able and place a lid on top of it. Never attempt to move anything that is on fire.

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