Racine football coach sidelined after racial remark at game

A Racine High School football coach is under fire after he reportedly made a racist comment and was ejected from a game last week. 

Horlick's football team will be playing this Friday without head coach Brian Fletcher, reportedly suspended for comments made when the team played Burlington last week. 

\"Would we have gotten that call if my safety was a Caucasian?\"

Those are the words a MyRacineCounty.org reporter claims to have heard coach Brian Fletcher make after a personal foul was called on one of his players.

Rick Schue owns a gym right across the street from Horlick and says right now, this is the talk of his gym, and the city of Racine.

\"I think the coach as just frustrated. Second game of the season and you're down. I think a lot of things were just said out of context,\" said Schue.

Mainly because the comment was made after a helmet to helmet collision and the injured Burlington player suffered a concussion. 

\"I've heard refs being screamed at by coaches that nobody else would have heard but its completely quiet, he's on that side of the field and a statement is made; black white issue and everybody heard it,\" said Schue. 

Horlick's athletic director says this is the first issue the coach has had and Fletcher issued an apology saying in part. \"My choice of words was inconsistent with the morals and values I strive to emulate and teach my players.\"

According to the Racine Journal Times, Fletcher has been suspended for one game but people we spoke with in Racine say that punishment is a little harsh. 

\"I don't think it was that inflammatory. He could have had a valid concern with it,\" said Detrick Williams.

 Things are going to be said  sometimes on the field that you leave on the field ;after the game its something totally different,\" said Kerry Peterson. 

Instead hoping it will be a lesson for the future. 

\"You have to be that level headed person and control that team. You have to understand that you're in a team with a lot of different races together and you need to show that family unity together for them,\" said Schue. 

No word yet on whether Fletcher will face any sort of punishment from WIAA.  

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