Quiet to start, unsettled by midweek into spring

Milwaukee (CBS 58)--Just when things start to get nice again, look for unsettled changes by the middle of the week.  Monday and Tuesday (St. Patrick's Day) both should be fairly dry with highs in the 40s. Although we could see a little bit of rain shower activity very early Tuesday morning.  This should be out of here by dawn.

It looks like a broad area of low pressure will send ripples of energy our way starting Wednesday afternoon and continuing through Friday.  Some of the rain could be heavier at times, especially into Wednesday and Thursday evenings respectively.  On the backside of the low pressure system, watch the rain switch to snow during Friday afternoon as it stands now.  

Spring starts Thursday evening at 10:50 pm in case you were wondering.  And, as you might expect, there are equal hours of day and night this week.  In fact, Monday's sunrise and sunset are just about twelve hours apart, very close to 7 am and 7 pm.  

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