Possible Legal Action from United Airlines Passenger

NOW: Possible Legal Action from United Airlines Passenger

The man seen on video being forcibly removed from a United Airlines plane has a lawyer and a lawsuit could be coming soon.

A Chicago aviation attorney representing, Dr. David Dao, says he suffered a broken nose and lost two teeth during when he was dragged off the flight for not giving up his seat to a flight crew member.

Dao's attorney says this was more traumatizing for his client then fleeing war torn Vietnam.

“If you are going to eject passenger under no circumstance can it be done with unreasonable force or violence,” said Dao. "What happened to my dad should never happen to any human being regardless of the circumstance."

The family says it hasn't heard from united which insists its CEO called the doctor to apologize.

United after a few days also publicly apologized and says police will no longer be asked to remove passengers being bumped from a flight.

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