Popular Downtown Hotel's Website Hacked

Astor Hotel proudly considers itself Milwaukee's landmark, but that's not what they're claiming when you go to their website. For days, the Astor Hotel's website has a racially offensive phrase written across it. 

Their page reads--What do black people do, what do black people do.

\"I don't think this is a case where this was some sort if intent to target the website. It was kind of like a viruses, just like how a viruses would work on human body, it finds a way to get in,\" said John Fischer with Mindspike Design.

He first noticed the website on Friday.

\"It would have taken us 15 minutes to fix,\" said Fischer.

Mindspike Design is a Milwaukee website design company.

They do not run the Astor hotel's website, but are very familiar with computer hackers.

\"If you didn't understand how these things can happen, you can tear down the whole website trying to chase after that,\" explained Fischer.

We reached out to Astor Hotel and have not heard back.

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