Police: Rash of vehicle entries in New Berlin neighborhood, 2 stolen

Police: Rash of vehicle entries in New Berlin neighborhood, 2 stolen

NEW BERLIN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- New Berlin police are reminding citizens to be diligent after two vehicles were stolen overnight Tuesday, July 13, and several unlocked vehicles were entered. Police believe the crimes were committed by a group from Illinois. 

"They go around checking, and if they're unlocked, they'll look through them," Cpt. Mike Glider said. "If they are locked, they'll just move on to the next."

The crimes happened in Regal Manors East, West and South. Both of the stolen vehicles had the keys in them and all of the cars that were entered were unlocked.

"We believe they got off I-43 at Moorland,  and just hit the first areas that they saw coming off the freeway," Glider said.

Police say the incidents may have been committed by a group coming out of Illinois and targeting several cities in southeast Wisconsin.

"One night it's one place. One night it's another," Glider said. "We are working cooperatively with other police agencies, and kind of comparing notes. We believe these are people from outside of New Berlin and outside of the area."

Authorities advise to lock their cars and remove all valuables, no matter where you live. 

"Take your keys out of your car, remove all your valuables from your car, lock your car whether its in the driveway, garage, underground parking," Glider said.

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