Police investigating attempted car break-ins near border of Oak Creek, South Milwaukee

NOW: Police investigating attempted car break-ins near border of Oak Creek, South Milwaukee

OAK CREEK, Wis. (CBS 58) -- Police are investigating attempted car break-ins on the border of Oak Creek and South Milwaukee.

Residents work up early Wednesday morning to find their cars had been rifled through.

The burglaries were caught on camera.

"You feel violated. You don't want to see somebody touching your stuff that you've worked for or stealing them just because it's fun for them," said Kelley Wagner.

Wagner has lived in the neighborhood for 12 years and says she's fed up with having to deal with burglaries.

"Yeah it seems to be more frequent. Several times a year it happens, I've actually a few years in the past I've caught somebody actually in one of my vehicles early in the morning trying to take something out. We did chase them but unfortunately we lost them."

Around 4 a.m. on Thursday, a group of teens drove through the alley behind her house trying to open garage doors and cars, including her own.

"Neighbor had asked me if I had video footage because they had their car gone through."

Luckily her security camera caught them in action.

"Three of the kids were running while one drove. And as the kids are running down, any cars that were out they were checking the doors."

She says only a gas can was taken this time and tossed nearby, but it's something her and her neighbors are tired of dealing with.

"I installed the cameras last year for this very reason to make sure that we can all stay safe and make sure that if this does keep happening, that we can at least catch them."

Wagner says her car was broken into a couple years back and now she makes sure to check her locks twice to not fall victim again.

She hopes her neighbors start to do the same and keep an eye out for anything or anyone suspicious in the area.

"Everybody needs to stay alert, make sure you lock your doors and these kids need to be held accountable because until there that's done it's going to continue."

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