Police: Brown Deer Resident Admits to Shining Headlights into Neighbors Bedroom and Posting Protest Signs

A 50 year old Brown Deer resident reported trouble with her neighbor, a 56 year old female to Brown Deer Police.

The 50 year old wanted an officer to speak to the 56 year old about her harassing behavior that has been ongoing over the past year, including a note she taped to the complainant’s fence.

The note referenced the 56 year old's displeasure with the dirt piles and look of the new $4000.00 fence that the 50 year old is having installed.

According to Brown Deer Police, the 56 year old has spray painted signs on plywood that stated, "Heartless and Cruel" and "Do unto Others".

She attached the signs to the complainant’s fence. The 56 year old female has also positioned her vehicle to shine her headlights into the 50 year old’s bedroom window for long periods of time, played loud music in her backyard only when the complainant is outside on her patio, and has sent mailings to the complainant’s residence noting her displeasure of the complainant utilizing a lawn care service that sprays chemicals on the lawn.

The 50 year old stated she has refrained from having contact with the 56 year old due to her erratic behavior and just wanted her warned to stop.

An officer made contact with the 56 year old and she admitted to the behavior. However, she did not give a reason for her behavior. The 56 year old was advised and stated she takes the warning to stop very seriously.

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