Pizza Shuttle owner claims cars were towed illegally

NOW: Pizza Shuttle owner claims cars were towed illegally

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- An east side business owner says his employee's cars are being towed illegally and he's blaming a company that's been the subject of complaints before. 

The owner of Pizza Shuttle says he's still waiting on a refund from what he says is more than just a misunderstanding. According to other complaints made to the City, this company has been doing this for years. 

Mark Gold owns Pizza Shuttle on Farewell and rents the parking lot behind his building. 

Earlier in June, he claims Abyss Towing COmpany towed one of his employee's cars and tried to do the same to one of his delivery drivers. 

"They're a predatory towing company trying to figure out how to make more money," Gold told CBS 58. "Legally you would think they make enough money for them to legally tow."

The owner of the lot had to call to confirm they did not request a tow but that was after the employee paid $350 to get his car back. 

"He was in the middle of a shift. He lost income. His car was damaged. There has to be some recourse. You can't just go to my car and steal it," Gold said. 

Since 2015, the City's Licensing Committee has gotten five complaints against Abyss with customers accusing the company of illegal towing, rude service and employees making threats. 

The company is in Alderman Terry Witkowski's district. He recommended suspending the company's license before. 

"That's not the type of business that I want operating in my district or in my city. So I recommend that the people that are aggrieved in this case do file for a hearing," said Ald. Witkowski. 

That's something Gold and his employees plan to do. 

"A lot of people in Milwaukee don't have the resources or they don't speak the language or they don't know how to go pursue it. I'm doing it for them and myself and my employees," Gold said. 

The next licensing committee meeting is in two weeks. CBS 58 reached out to Abyss Towing several times and are still waiting to hear back. 

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