PGA Championship tees off Friday in rough terrain

The world's best golfers and tens of thousands of spectators are back at Whistling Straits for the second round of the PGA championship.   It's a major event that features fantastic golf on a rugged course that has everyone watching their footing.
At last check Dustin Johnson remains in the lead at least for now.
But one of the big questions is will Tiger Woods be packing his bags by days end?  He tees off at 1:30.  Bubba Watson and Vijay Singh start a half hour earlier.  
Each man hopes he won't stumble and fall on the course.
The spectators have the same worry but in a literal sense.
Whistling Straits is known for its hilly terrain. If you throw in some slickness from rain or dew, then watch out.
The experts say you need shoes with good traction.  
And speaking of wet conditions some storms in the forecast this afternoon. If there's lightning they'll suspend play. and if there's severe weather they'll evacuate the course.
This is a great day to download our free CBS 58 app.  You can track storms on the radar and get alerts. 
You can also download the PGA or Whistling Straits app for free.  
And with the heat expected this weekend make sure to drink lots of water and wear the sunglasses with the sunscreen.
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