PETA honors MCTS bus driver who saved turtle

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- Milwaukee County Transit System employee Yaghnam Yaghnam will receive a Compassionate Action Award from PETA, after he pulled over his bus to save a turtle in the road from oncoming traffic.

Yaghnam was making his final stops at Milwaukee Area Technical College when he noticed the turtle in the road. 

"I love turtles," Yaghnam said. "I knew the other bus was approaching and wanted to be sure he was out of harm's way."

He immediately jumped out to rescue the animal, safely placing the turtle in a grassy area before an oncoming bus made its way around the corner where the turtle had been moments before.

"Mr. Yaghnam acted quickly and compassionately to pluck a little turtle from a perilous spot in the nick of time and send the animal on his or her way," PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien said. "PETA asks others to follow his lead and give turtles a helping hand during this busy wildlife season."

PETA is sending Yaghnam a framed certificate and a box of vegan cookies.

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