People Moving into 405 Square Foot Micro-Apartments In Milwaukee

People have already started moving into The Rhythm Apartments off Water Street. 

These new apartments offer a \"micro\" sized studio apartment that is 405 square feet. Developers took inspiration from studio apartments in New York that were 300 square feet.

According to Director of Development Tim Gokhman, there have been very few studios built in the Milwaukee area since the 1970's. 

\"This was the opportunity to modernize the studio floor plan with all the features you'd expect in bigger places,\" said Gokhman. 

The 405 square feet studio apartments have heated floors, granite counter tops, washer, dryer and a dining room table that converts into a queen bed. 

These units might be small but they come with a big price tag. The small units can go for between $1,175 to $1,215. The complex also offers larger studio apartments that are 540 square feet and one bedroom apartments. 

For people like Saud Khazal, this is what they've been looking for, \"when I came here I was like oh okay and someone actually thought of those details and that's what's nice.\"

People started moving in last Friday and about 18 people have applied. The grand opening for The Rhythm Apartments will be in June. 

\"Stop by and take a look. If the idea of 405 square feet is crazy to them that's okay. But so far, everyone that has come in has been shocked by bright, airy and spacious it is,\" said Gokhman.

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