Packers Fans Make Their Way To Dallas

It wasn't hard to spot the Packers fans at General Mitchell Airport on Friday -- many of them were sporting their green and gold as they made their way to security. 

"I'd like to thank Eli and the New York Giants first, and my wife and daughter second," said Dan Plautz of Muskego. "I got the call Monday morning. 'Pack your bags, we're going to Dallas."

Plautz's wife, Barbara is excited about the trip.

"I think I got two hours of sleep last night, tossing and turning," she said. "I just cant wait, I'm just giggly all over the place."

Win or lose, the couple said they didn't hesitate to take the trip - which cost them "north of $500."

"We're going down to Texas," Dan Plautz said. "A great stadium, never been there, so we're excited."

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