Packer Fans Welcome Favre to the Hall of Fame

In true Brett Favre fashion, number 4 announced on Friday that he wouldn't be writing a script for his Hall of Fame Induction. 

Instead, he promised to speak from his heart, with the same passion he showed on the football field for two decades.

Fans like Deon Wood made sure to watch the speech, recalling memories of Favre's days as a Packer.

    "I remember the days sitting on the edge of the couch, and one minute I'm crying, the next minute I'm jumping for joy," he says. "It was an awesome day every Sunday, whether we won or lost, we still got to see Favre play." 

Most agree that Favre should be in the Hall of Fame, but that doesn't mean every Packer fan has moved on from the messy divorce near the end of his career.

     "I still can't get over the fact that he went to Minnesota," says C.J Delsman. "I guess there's still same bad feelings."

Others are choosing to look past that, and celebrate his over-all career. 

     "It's bigger than him, it's bigger than Green Bay," says Al Kufahl. "It's something all football fans are glad to see happen." 

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