Ohio man allegedly coerces teen boy into sex acts at Milwaukee Taco Bell

MILWAUKEE -- 29-year-old Coriey Evans is facing several criminal charges after allegedly picking up a 15-year-old boy, and forcing him into having sex with him.

According to the criminal complaint, Evans told the teen he'd pay him $300 to engage in sexual acts with him and his girlfriend. He told the teen he had to go to the Taco Bell near 22nd and Wisconsin to get his girlfriend.

After they arrived at the Taco Bell, the teen kept asking Evans where his girlfriend was. He told police he informed Evans that he's not like that. Evans told the teen the girl was in the bathroom.

The teen went to the bathroom, but it was locked. A store employee unlocked the door and let the teen inside the bathroom and Evans quickly entered the bathroom after the teen.

The criminal complaint says that's when Evans prevented the teen from leaving, and forced himself onto the teen. After Evans left the bathroom, the teen called police.

Investigators used DNA evidence to learn that the person who sexually assaulted the boy was Evans.

If convicted on all five criminal counts, Evans could face up to 170 years in prison.


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