Officers receive blessing from Milwaukee Archbishop annual "Blue Mass"

MILWAUKEE-- Archbishop Jerome Listeki delivered his annual blessing to the men and women who serve and protect each day.  It's part of Milwaukee's annual Blue Mass, honoring law enforcement at the Church of the Gesu.

\"They preserve the harmony in which we live in our society,\" said Archbishop Listeki.

Alongside their families--dozens of current and former law enforcement officers bowed their heads in prayer.

\"It's just very touching,\" said Chief Ed Flynn, with Milwaukee Police Department, \"and meaningful to our officers, they do a difficult job.\"

As the law enforcement community, joins together in fellowship.  Some believe in times of turmoil-- faith is what keeps communities strong.

\"Every officer is really engaging in an act of faith when trying to enforce the laws, to be truly just, to help people in need, and to believe that it makes a difference,\" said Chief Flynn.

The mass usually takes place in January-- but was moved to May this year to coincide with other events honoring law enforcement statewide.


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