October warmth quickly returns

After a rather cool start to the month the warmth is quickly returning to southeastern Wisconsin this week.  There's a really good chance for above average temperatures through the weekend into early next week.  Right now our average high is in the lower 60s.

Today was beautiful with highs soaring into the 70s with sunshine and a southwest wind. Since the late 1800's, Milwaukee averages 5 days with 70+ degree highs during the month.  I think we will get to 70 several more times in the next 10 days. 

October is a fun month of extremes.  It's interesting to note that Milwaukee has never recorded a 90 degree high, which is pretty surprising to me.

Milwaukee came close on October 6th, 1963 at 89!  The coldest low was in late October of 1887, which was the the first year records have been kept for Milwaukee.

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