Oak Creek Diversity event bringing community together through culture

NOW: Oak Creek Diversity event bringing community together through culture

OAK CREEK (CBS 58) -- The Oak Creek cultural diversity event known as CAFE, which stands for culture, art, food, entertainment, was back again this year after getting cancelled last year due to COVID-19.

The event which took place at Drexel Town Square focuses on celebrating diversity and educating people on it in a unique way by immersing people in the cultures.

The CAFE event was started two years ago by Oak Creek Mayor Dan Bukiewicz. He explained the reason why the event got started. 

"It really came out of the remembrance of a Sikh shooting. We would always do a remembrance in early in August when it happened and we wanted to take that remembrance and spread diversity and show the uniqueness of Oak Creek and how diverse we are with the different cultures we have," said Bukiewicz.

The CAFE event is about bringing the community together through culture. Booths from different countries like Albania, Mexico, Poland, and much more showcased their traditions, music, and food to the community and had them participate in some of their traditions too.

"The polish does a great job dancing. That’s my background, Polish and German," said Nancy Gondek, an attendee. 

"We were dancing a folk dance, a Polish folk dance. They're very well-known and this is very important to us as Polish and Slovak people for our daughters to learn the dance," said Mirka Stanislawczyk, an attendee. 

Many of the people their representing their country were proud to educate people and said it's important to bring more understanding awareness of the diversity that exists around us by educating people through events like this.

"It's important because as we know America is full of different cultures, that’s what makes America. It's important for other people to know that it's ok to live in a community with different cultures and know where we come from," said Senka Shkreli from the Albania booth. 

Organizers say the CAFE event is unique because it provides a hands-on way to learn about other cultures that makes it that much more meaningful.

Organizers of the event said the event has had a lot of positive reaction from the community and said they hope to continue hosting the event for years to come.

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