No More Traffic Changes This Summer for the Zoo Interchange Project

NOW: No More Traffic Changes This Summer for the Zoo Interchange Project

Orange cones and barrels are often being moved around on the Zoo Interchange Project, but you might get a break from that ... for a little while.

There were 2 small shifts that happened over the last few weeks. On I-41, US-45 where the most recent traffic shift happened, it was so subtle you may not have noticed it. They moved an exit 100 feet so there's more room to merge.

But that’s the only change you have to get used to for a while. Traffic patterns will stay the same for the next few months.

The DOT says they'll be able to build in open spaces and the pavement drivers are currently on won't switch around until the fall.

"The configuration of the roadway, so the road you're driving on today is going to remain in tact for a good number of months. so if you get used to that pattern, that is what you will see with the exception of course in the overnight hours where we're going to have certain shutdowns to get work taken care of," said Michael Pyritz, Regional Communication Manager for the WI DOT Southeast Region.

It's something that will help with the influx of drivers over the summer. In fact, construction halted over the 4th of July, but started right back up at 6 a.m. on the 5th.

The project is taking Summerfest commuters into consideration. For the next few days, any lane or ramp closures will be starting later at night to help mitigate traffic.

"During certain times of the summer, right now being one of those times, we do push our closes back to later to avoid the traffic coming to and from the lakefront festivals so we do try to adjust and make sure we limit the impact," said Pyritz.

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