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New Year, New Website

Hupy and Abraham is proud to present the new revamped website at www.hupy.com! The purpose of this new website is to offer new and old clients a smoother online experience with the new innovative changes and sleek look. “Technology is changing and adapting constantly, and we want to make sure that our website stays in line with that,” Vice President Attorney Jason Abraham said. “We are so grateful that our firm has grown so much, and that success allowed us to have opportunities like this.”

Hupy and Abraham knows they must be accessible for their old and prospective clients. The website now is more mobile friendly, so now you can reach the firm wherever you are, not just when you have computer access. Not only that, but the new design makes it simpler to navigate through the site, to find exactly what you need.

Some of the site’s details remain the same. The free-offers portion of the site, where visitors can sign up to receive additional information and materials, is still easily attainable. Fresh content is uploaded to the site daily and Hupy and Abraham’s live chat assistance is still present. With 24/7 availability, the firm can provide people the information they or their loved ones need after being in an accident. The chat/contact feature also allows clients to notify the firm or their attorney if needed.

These new and improved hupy.com sets a new standard for the client experience that Hupy and Abraham has consistently provided so clients receive the best service that they deserve.

Hupy and Abraham just celebrated their 50th anniversary. The firm has served more than 70,000 clients and received over $1 billion in compensation and awards. To work with a top- rated law firm, call for free consultation at 800-800-5678, or contact online at www.hupy.com.

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