New peace center to provide central support network for domestic violence victims

MILWAUKEE-- A local partnership aims to help children and families impacted by domestic violence.

State and local officials helped the Sojourner Family Peace Center and Children's Hospital of Wisconsin break ground on a new facility.

The large space on Milwaukee's north side at 6th and Walnut will be the center point of transforming victims' lives in an innovative way.

For the first time, the Sojourner Family Peace Center will provide domestic violence services all under one roof, including those from the district attorney's office and police department, which will move its sensitive crimes division to the location.

No longer will victims have to go from place to place for resources and do so in fear of their abuser.

When it's set to open next fall, the peace center will be the largest, most comprehensive multi-service agency in country.

The idea is modeled after a plan by a San Diego man, who is also a child abuse victim.

\"You're going to set children of this community free and 20 years from now, you're going to have less people in prison,\" said Casey Gwinn, Family Justice Alliance Center president. \"Twenty years from now, you're going to have less children growing up into violence and abuse because you all have invested your life in this.\"

The project cost $26.5 million dollars, which the state gave more than $10 million toward.

Each year, the Sojourner Family Peace Center helps nearly 10,000 people seek healing from domestic violence.

October is domestic violence awareness month.

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