New laundry startup makes sure no one is "hung out to dry" during COVID crisis

NOW: New laundry startup makes sure no one is “hung out to dry“ during COVID crisis

Bay View (CBS 58)--The slogan is simple...clean laundry for everyone.  This is the mission of "Washhero."  The local startup began in February as a laundry and linen service for Airbnb hosts but quickly shifted to a wash and fold business during the pandemic, especially for seniors and those immuno-compromised.  The U-S Census Bureau estimates a little more than 20 percent of people in the Milwaukee area don't have washers or dryers where they live.  And with this lurking virus, clean clothes are essential.

Daniel Cruz, "Washhero" Co-Founder, says laundry and clean clothes are two universal rights in our society.  It's all about the importance of hygiene as well.

At least for now "Washhero" only offers a pickup and dropoff service. The "turn around time" is 48 hours.  It's $20 a bag and $15 for anything additional.  But there are discounts available.  You are asked to pre-sort your colors from your whites. Also, if there are any special requests, just let them know. To find out more about "Washhero" and what this business has to offer, just click here.

"Washhero" uses the CDC guidelines for its operation, including using the highest temperature setting when washing your clothes.  Also, if there's someone sick in your household, you want to keep their laundry separate as well. If you want to see more about these CDC guidelines, click here.

And to keep it light, I have some helpful suggestions (from the experts of course) for you when you're washing and drying your clothes.  Did you know it's helpful to turn jeans and shirts inside out to reduce wear and tear?


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