New high-tech dog house in Wisconsin allows you to bring your dog with on adventures

WATERTOWN, Wis. (CBS 58) -- It's a problem that almost all dog owners have faced -- you're running errands, grabbing lunch, or heading to the store and your pet wants to come with.

Instead of leaving them at home, tying them up outside, or having them wait in your car -- DogSpot is making it so your dog can join you on your adventures in a safe and comfortable manner.

And now -- that invention is coming to Wisconsin. 

DogSpots are high-tech dog houses that are placed outside of locations that don't allow dogs inside.

Each one has many features including air-conditioning, secure access, LCD touchscreen, air ventilation, heated floors, and a shatterproof window.

The dog houses work by having the owner download the DogSpot app. They can then look at a map to find a location nearby. The app also offers a live-stream Puppy Cam where the owner can watch their dog during the session.

Each session costs 30-cents per minute, although some are free in certain locations. 

There are 60 of these high-tech dog houses in 26 cities across the United States. 

By the end of this year, the company hopes to launch an additional 300 new locations -- including here in Wisconsin.

The first DogSpot location in Wisconsin will be located outside of the Latte Donatte Coffee Shop on Main Street in Watertown.

The exact date the dog house will launch is unknown at this time.

To see more locations or find out more information on DogSpot, click here

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