New Berlin Father was Contacted for Ransom After His Daughter Visited Milwaukee

On Saturday, a frantic-59 year-old New Berlin man stopped a Kewaskum Police Officer and handed him a note that read his daughter was kidnapped and the father was still on the phone with the alleged kidnapper. 

According to the Washington County Sheriff’s Office, the suspect advised they were holding his daughter at gunpoint somewhere in the south side of Milwaukee.

The daughter, a 30 year-old Campbellsport woman, spent Friday evening in the south side of Milwaukee which gave some credibility to the kidnapper’s story.   

The suspect wanted $1500 wired to a location or the daughter would be shot.  

The kidnapper, also, advised the father not to hang up the phone or he would shoot the daughter. 

The alleged motivation behind the kidnapping was that the daughter became involved in a motor vehicle accident with the kidnapper.  

Washington County Sheriff’s Office was able to find the phone number of the suspect and determined it to be out of San Juan. 

Text messages were also received from the suspects informing the father that the daughter was now dead due to him losing telephone connection.

The Sheriff’s office was able to make contact with the daughter at approximately 2:36 PM and she informed them she was not in any harm. 

This turned out to be a scam but the Sheriff’s Office was concerned that the suspect knew the victim was in Milwaukee, and they were able to obtain dad’s cell number. 

The police are still investigating the possible connections from the south side of Milwaukee to San Juan.

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