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Nearly 4,000 parking citations issued during snow emergency in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The City of Milwaukee issued nearly 4,000 parking citations during a snow emergency this weekend. 

The snow emergency was declared at 1:30 p.m. Saturday, Jan. 11 and ended 6 a.m. Sunday, Jan. 12. 

The City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works said approximately 3,850 citations were issued. 

"This about what we had anticipated for our first snow event.  We would like to see better parking compliance for this number to do down considerably during future events," DPW officials said. 

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Philip 145 days ago
That's a no-brainer. Folks don't care anymore & they are just lazy. If they see someone else parked out there, they follow suite creating a real hazard. If they can not clearly move a firetruck up & down a road, how are they suppose to respond to assist people? They can not. Folks say frick-it, they can't tow use all. Oh yes they can. & they can impound your car, & charge you for each & everyday that you leave it in impound. Another thing they should do is just come down the road making what room they need to get by with the plow trucks & push those who are in the way out of the way. So, you don't want to end up in impound? You don't want your ride all smashed up & shoved out of the way? Figure out ahead of time what you are going to do. You have 75 house on either side of the block you live on. 35-40 cars are going to be able to legally get parked on that block. You already know that this is going to create an issue. Find a solution to your parking issue before the storm comes since you already know there isn't enough room for everybody. That does not mean to go get your gun & protect your spot. It means that it is up to you to find an area close to where you live that you can legally park your car during the snow emergencies. Not so hard to. Just takes some leg work. Oh yea, I forgot. Nobody likes to walk today or do anything for themselves. They prefer to be told what & how &where to do it, after they pay the $200.00 parking ticket & $350.00 towing & impound bill. Than they walking around bitching about how the city & tow & impound yards are stealing all their money from them. So be-it.
Ari Philip 145 days ago
Do you live in a neighborhood where there are more people than ever owning vehicles and multiple duplexes on one property, making it almost impossible for parking to happen near your house on an average day, much less on a snow emergency day when all the designated lots and correct streets are completely full by the time you get done working your 2nd job for the day? Then you drive around for 45 minutes trying to find something within a mile of your house, for safety mostly, and you just have to settle because it's not like this city would ever set up a program to shuttle a person? I know for a fact I was not the only person in this situation and the city needs to step up with finding places for us to park, but it won't because REVENUE for more things that barely help the city.
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