National Weather Service Websites among Government's Most Favorite

 The federal weather-forecast website ( and broader site from the National Weather Service saw a combined total of nearly 100 million total visitors in the past month, according to federal data. Also, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, or NOAA, has a site.  It oversees the NWS.  It provides an abundant of satellite, climate, and environmental information.  This added another ten million \"hits\" to the mix as well. These sites, by the way, were only outranked by the IRS.  Of course, it's tax time.

The news isn't all good.  The websites have had some big problems over the last few years from false flood warnings to the unavailability of forecasts via the local NWS offices. The NWS director recently acknowledged the situation and said its agency is working on upgrades to its telecommunications infrastructure.

It's interesting to note the NWS is prevented from developing its own mobile apps because of statutes forbidding it to compete with the private weather sector.  But it still provides services easy for the public to access via mobile devices.  

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