MPD investigating physical altercation outside bar involving off-duty officer

NOW: MPD investigating physical altercation outside bar involving off-duty officer

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Police Department is investigating the actions of an off-duty officer, and a group of photographers and protesters involved in a physical altercation outside the Old German Beer Hall on Old World Third Street Sunday afternoon.

Surveillance footage picks up in the middle of the confrontation, where off-duty Officer Matthew Willmann intervenes in a confrontation between protesters and a woman witnesses say is his wife.

Attorney Nicole Muller said, and the video appears to show, Willman then threw a punch and broke a photographer’s camera.

“The current estimate to the damage to that device was $700,” Muller said.

But it doesn’t stop there. Cellphone video of the continuing incident appears to show Willmann punching a second photographer, LaTasha Lux. Muller is representing both photographers.

“LaTasha has a concussion," Muller said. "She was waking up with bloody noses every day since the incident happened. Her lip was busted. Her camera was broken.”

Muller said the Milwaukee Police Department did not treat Willmann's actions seriously enough and ended up issuing both photographers disorderly conduct tickets.

“They did nothing wrong. They were met with violence, aggression, and they were treated like they were the aggressors when they got there. So accountability needs to be made.”

MPD sent a statement that "The incident that occurred on Sunday, July 5, 2020, on the 1000 block of  N. Old World 3rd St. involving an off-duty MPD member is under review in its entirety, which includes reviewing the actions of all members associated with the incident."

Muller says there needs to be punishment.

“What best fits what happened is a battery charge. A criminal battery charge.”

Muller tells CBS 58 News that both disorderly conduct tickets have been waived. She is considering seeking civil damages from Willmann.

Willmann is accused of punching another woman and giving her a concussion. 

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