Mother speaks out after man charged in fatal 2017 shooting of 14-year-old girl

NOW: Mother speaks out after man charged in fatal 2017 shooting of 14-year-old girl

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A mother is struggling to cope with what she's learned about her daughter's death after a man is arrested for the shooting.

"It's impossible to believe that it happened and to find out so much at once, it's just like Lord I need you," said Lawanda McDowell, the mother of the victim.

The arrest comes a year and a half after Chrisima Murry, 14, was killed.

The suspect is 25-year-old Lazar Tucker who is accused of targeting her. Tucker allegedly told authorities that he blacked out during the shooting but remembers the details before and after.

The victim's family, however, says this is the first real confirmation of any information from authorities.

The mother of Murry says the details of the criminal complaint are distressing.

The documents go through the timeline leading up to the homicide on February 23, 2017. Milwaukee Police say Murry was targeted at the request of an older man. According to the criminal complaint, Tucker was called in by a man only identified as "Shaquille."

"He thinks he shot her in the stomach because he did not remember aiming at her face," said McDowell.

McDowell says her family had no connection to any of the people in the criminal complaint.

"My understanding was it was 3-4 gentlemen that jumped on my baby. I'm too mad to even cry because I don't understand how so many of you adult males were so easily convinced to jump on a 14-year-old girl, beat her up, and kill her. I never knew none of that," said McDowell.

McDowell says she's happy a suspect has been charged but she's also feeling disappointed about how some aspects of this have played out.

"No one came forward, not just to talk to the police but to even stop it. Everybody got a story to tell now. You know how many messages, inboxes, calls, texts. Why you all couldn't tell me this a year ago? Why you all know what happened now that I'm finding out what happened," McDowell said.

McDowell says she is planning to attend every court date moving forward with this case. 

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