Missing toddler found inside bowling alley claw machine

(CNN NEBREASKA) KETV -- A child is safe after getting stuck inside a stuffed animal claw crane machine at a bowling alley in Lincoln, Nebraska. 

Rachell Hildreth told KETV she didn't believe it until she saw it for herself. \"There's like a three year old child inside the machine, playing with the stuffed animals just throwing them around,\" said Hildreth.

It is believed the toddler crawled in through the prize door which has a safety stop, then scaled into the pit. The child was not hurt nor was he scared. Hildreth says, \"There must have been 25 people surrounding him, but he didn't notice anybody he was just inside playing with the stuffed animals.\"

Employees called the vendor with the key to open the machine, then called police when they couldn't find the boy's mom. The mother was eventually found by police. She wasn't cited, because she called police as soon as she realized her son was missing.

The toddler was allowed to keep one of his stuffed friends after they got him out.

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