Milwaukee woman fends off attempted carjacker

NOW: Milwaukee woman fends off attempted carjacker

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee woman used quick thinking and high heels to fend off an attempted carjacking Monday morning.

Tiffany was leaving her home near Burleigh and Lisbon when she got out of her car to close her garage door.

As she got back in, the attacker rushed her, shouting obscenities and telling her to get out.

Tiffany says her response was instinctual.

“I started with the point of my heel, just jabbing him in his leg and screaming, trying to make a ruckus and telling him to get away,” she said.

She used her elbow to honk the horn too.

Then Tiffany says the man dragged her to the ground.

“I hit my back and my head a couple places going out,” she said.

While they struggled, she threw her keys over a fence into her neighbor’s yard, but her car has keyless ignition, so it was still on.

When the suspect got behind the wheel, Tiffany climbed into the backseat where her purse was.

She’s not sure how, but Tiffany says the car turned off suddenly,  and the suspect ran back to his vehicle.

A neighbor’s doorbell camera got the suspect’s silver SUV cruising the neighborhood.

“It is something that makes us all more aware,” said Chris Smith, a neighbor. “We try to look over our shoulder when we can. It’s scary though.”

Police say there was someone else in the suspect’s vehicle too, who is also considered a suspect.

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