Milwaukee Theater reportedly haunted, ghost hunters step in

NOW: Milwaukee Theater reportedly haunted, ghost hunters step in

From a ghost like woman reportedly being seen in the bathrooms, to hearing footsteps on the stage Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee took on the claims.

October is usually associated with Halloween, pumpkins, candy, and this year it features the return of Friday the 13th.

A perfect date for what Noah Leigh, founder of Paranormal Investigators of Milwaukee, says is ideal for a ghostly adventure.

First established in 1909, the then Milwaukee Auditorium has hosted several concerts, presidential speeches, and was even an addition to the hospital and a morgue during the 1918 influenza epidemic. Some people wonder if those guests never left.

“There’s claim of activity,” says Leigh. “Workers here have had experiences that range from seeing a shadowy woman, to hearing footsteps, and kids crying,” says Leigh.

Leigh and the team frequent the theater for investigations using various tools.

“Inferred video cameras, high quality audio recordings,” explains Leigh. “We have a lot of devices that record temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure.”

With it being Friday the 13th the group opened their investigations to they public.

“It’s Friday the 13th in October,” says attendee Kendrick Lester. “Why not search for some ghosts with experts and have a good time?”

According to Leigh, the stage is the most haunted spot in the building, where deaths have been documented and people claim to hear footsteps.

CBS 58 followed the group around the building while they asked questions out loud hoping to get any sort of response.

But on this night, ghosts were not willing to play ball during our presence.

While our cameras may have not captured anything, the group says they’re not completely ruling out the possibility of anything being present. They said they plan going through their recordings as well.  

For more information on the group and their tours click here

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