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Milwaukee’s Under Construction

$5 billion renovations are underway. You have probably already noticed the construction signs, the delays to work and the slightly heavier traffic. You probably also thought what on earth is going on.

Well, a lot actually. Some of the current projects include:

  • Seven new hotels with 774 new rooms
  • 21-story Ascent mixed-use residential tower, which is predicted to be the tallest mass timber frame in the Western Hemisphere
  • $334 million investment for the River 1 mixed-use project
  • $132 million towers for BMO Harris Bank
  • $65 million Grand Avenue Mall conversion
  • $89 million home of the Milwaukee Symphony
  • $122 million couture luxury apartments

And a few completed projects around the city include Northwestern Mutual’s new $450 million tower, the new $524 million NBA arena, the Fiserv Forum, and the $124 million streetcars. Milwaukee is under construction in all parts of the city, but when this is all done, it is going to be like a new-born city. People are calling Milwaukee the hidden secret of the Midwest. With old charm, geographical beauty, diversity, inclusivity and a strong union city, Milwaukee will soon have it all and much more. So keep an eye out for the transformation!

Also, keep an eye out for your safety. Drive carefully in construction zones. Do not speed as that can cause a potential accident, follow the rules and account for the delays and traffic. Lots of objects will be on the roads, along with machinery and workers on normal routes. Safe driving is not just for you, but for them too. So keep an eye out of everything around you while the construction is going on.

Simply being alert and planning ahead can prevent all Wisconsin work zone accidents. If you know a construction zone is on your way to work, leave earlier rather than trying to speed through it. Or take an alternate route and avoid construction zone hazards altogether. If you or a loved one happened to be injured in a construction zone, call 800-800-5678, or start a live chat with us anytime at Hupy.com

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