Milwaukee residents voice concerns about Foxconn

NOW: Milwaukee residents voice concerns about Foxconn

Hundreds packed Tippecanoe Presbyterian church in Milwaukee Saturday to hear lawmakers share their concerns the tax incentive package for Foxconn.

Most people there thought the business would take more from the state than it would give back. Others say people are losing focus on the potential for 13,000 new jobs.

"Jobs are very important," said Walter Groth, who attended the event. "I mean we've been talking about this for years and years about having more jobs. The fact that this is a manufacturing firm is heartening because we've lost how many manufacturing jobs over years."

Others say they don't want their tax dollars going to a company that can give jobs to people from other states or countries.

"From probably India, China, other countries," Herbret Singh said. "These are very technical jobs. They're not going to be hardworking people in Wisconsin benefiting jobs."

The new version of the incentives package places an emphasis on creating in state jobs before Foxconn can get tax credits, but Democratic lawmakers say the company would still be able to get around it.

There are also environmental and health concerns about allowing Foxconn to dump materials in wetlands without a permit.

"If they're going to affect us badly, we don't need them," Riyad Snobar said.

Some Democrats say they're shifting focus on changing the bill instead of defeating it given the Republican majority in the state legislature.

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