Milwaukee Public Schools Adopt School Uniforms

The board of directors for Milwaukee Public Schools has decided it is time to adopt a district-wide school uniform policy. 

Beginning next fall all MPS students will be required to wear uniforms to class. 

The board passed the uniform policy 8 to 1 last night.

The basic uniform will include tan, navy, black or khaki pants or a knee length skirt or jumper.

The pants will be paired with a collared black or navy shirt.

No logos or brands can be visible.

“80 percent of our families are living in poverty. What we have done at a number of our schools, we always start off with usually two shirts, and a pair of pants. Families are able to buy uniforms throughout the year. It is part of our policy that we will do our part to make sure families that are in need always have access to a uniform,” says Dr. Darienne Driver.

MPS says the cost of each outfit should come out to about $15. The district says financial help will be available for families that need it.

They are still working out specifics, but say there is currently a little over $1 million in the budget for the uniforms, which comes out to $20 per child.


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