Milwaukee Post Office faces potential eviction

NOW: Milwaukee Post Office faces potential eviction

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The company that owns the building for the U.S. Post Office in Milwaukee has filed to evict them, according to the founder of R2 Companies.

Matt Garrison, principal manager of R2, said they have fallen behind on upkeep, and the building is in a prime location for other developments.

Residents in Milwaukee have mixed opinions on keeping the U.S. Post Office on St Paul Ave..

“I don’t use the post office much anymore, so I think other businesses would be useful.”

“I think it should remain a post office. Just maybe if it needs some work to be done, take care of that.”

Some living near the building say it’s an eye sore.

“It’s big and industrial. And i’d be interested to see what they turn it into.”

Attorney William Graper says the post office can be evicted just like everyone else.

“It all depends on who owns the building, and it depends on the terms of their rental agreement.”

Graper says R2 companies would need to prove the building fell into disrepair to evict.

He’s seen post offices booted from properties before.

“What will happen with a business, and the post office is a business, is they’ll enter into some agreement that they’ll either comply, and if they don’t, then their out. Or they’ll give them a certain amount of time to get out.

The post office said they have no comment at this time.

Milwaukee City Development says they don’t want to pick sides in a court proceeding

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