Milwaukee Police Use GPS Tracking Device to Recover Stolen Car

Milwaukee Police recovered a stolen car, drugs and firearm using Star Chase on Monday afternoon.

According to a release by police, officers were on patrol in the area of 25th and Atkinson Avenue around 1:30 p.m., on Monday, June 6th. 

They attempted to conduct a traffic stop of a vehicle with equipment violations. 

As officers approached the vehicle during a traffic stop, the vehicle fled.  Star Chase was deployed and the vehicle was located several blocks away.

This is how Star Chase works: Compressed air units are installed in the grill of police cruisers, containing two four-and-a-half inch projectiles packed with GPS satellite trackers and coated with enough adhesive to make them stick to a fleeing vehicle.

Officers saw three suspects fleeing on foot as they neared the now parked vehicle.  Officers pursued the suspects and located them hiding in a business in the 2400 block of W. Capitol Drive.  The suspects were taken into custody without incident.  Recovered from where the suspects were hiding was a firearm and illegal drugs discarded by the suspects.

The vehicle that initially fled from the officers was a Toyota Corolla that was determined to be stolen.  Officers found additional illegal drugs in the Toyota.

Arrested were a 29-year old man, a 21-year old man, and a 19-year old man, all from Milwaukee.  They face charges of Fleeing, Operating an Auto without Owner’s Consent, Resisting an Officer, Carrying a Concealed Weapon, and Possession of Illegal Drugs.  The case will be reviewed by the Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office in the coming days.

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