Milwaukee Police Seeking Known Suspect in Connection to 12-Year-Old Being Shot

Milwaukee Police Department is currently seeking a known male suspect in connection with 12-year-old shot. 

Police believe an argument precipitated the fight. 

The child was still receiving medical treatment at a local hospital. 

The shooting happened around 4 p.m. Monday.

The bullets came from a passing vehicle as the car containing the victim and several other young people was parked near Holton and Hadley in the Riverwest section of Milwaukee.

"He was getting ready to go to the barber shop and then I got another call from him saying the car was just shot." Isabelle Jackson told CBS 58 News. Her son was in the same car. "He didn't make it to the barber shop."

Jackson says she's at a loss for an explanation about the motive.

"I don't know how many individuals were in the car at the time. All I know is my son was one of them. It's very scary for parents who have younger children out here and have to go through this."

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