Milwaukee Police performed live saving measures on 14 year-old on July 3

More information was released about Milwaukee Police Department's life saving efforts on the 14 year-old victim from July 3. 
Two initial Milwaukee Police Department officers heard shots fired over the radio and responded to the area where they found Tariq Akbar pulse less and not breathing, according to the criminal complaint. 
The first responding officers were joined by two more officers to attempt to perform CPR. The initial CPR was performed between the two cars Tariq was found near. 
The officers determined he had a gunshot wound to the back of his head and he was bleeding profusely. 
MPD moved Tariq onto the grass just east of the cars in order to assist in medical attention. 
One of the officers checked for a pulse and found no pulse. 
Then one officer performed rescue breaths, while another put pressure on the victim's head in an attempt to stop the bleeding. 
Police officers began to have a response with Tariq's chest rising and falling, and officers were able to feel a pulse. 
An officer realized that the shirt that he was using as a pressure gauze was soaked with blood and ineffective, according to the criminal complaint. 
The officer asked for more gauze and after removing the t-shirt observed the victim had sustained a single entry and exit wound from the head. 
The officer than applied a large gauze pad back onto the victim's head and applied pressure. 
The Milwaukee Fire Department arrived and transferred him to Children's Hospital but he did not survive his injuries. 
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