Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn Says There is no Better Way to Start a Monday than Reading to Kids

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn read to children Monday.

It's part of a program by Sharp Literacy aimed at making sure they keep their minds active during the summer and are ready to start a news school year which is quickly approaching.

"I highly recommend to anybody, on a Monday morning, finding a group of kids to read to," Chief Flynn told CBS 58 News. "You'll feel better for the rest of the day."

Flynn was joined by Mayor Tom Barrett  and businessman Rafael Luciano in reading to abouty 40 students from Milwaukee Christian Center.

They all gathered at the McDonald's restaurant along Cesar Chavez Drive in Milwaukee.

The students attend one of nine urban community centers, learning centers and schools participating in SHARP's Summer Learning Gain Initiative.

The MKE Kids Read: Books for Keeps program involves 28 McDonald's restaurants within the city of Milwaukee. Running through August 19, Books for Keeps features kid-sized library kiosks stocked with a variety of books for children to read and take home. 

SHARP's Summer Reading Challenge invites kids to participate in a reading challenge that couples reading with healthy eating. From August 1-7, grade school students can pledge to read a book before they return to school and receive a free, healthy snack from 125 participating McDonald's restaurants and 11 WaterStone Bank branches in Southeastern Wisconsin.

"It's a great program and there's no purchase necessary," explained Lynda Kohler of Sharp Literacy. "It's  just the way to have the kids end the summer on a good note."

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