Milwaukee Police Association releases statement supporting former chief Morales, says FPC 'sees this as a game'

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Police Association released a statement Friday, Aug. 7 in support of the former Milwaukee police chief Alfonso Morales, a day after the Fire and Police Commission voted to demote Morales to captain and to appoint Assistant Chief Michael Brunson to acting chief. 

The Milwaukee Police Association said the FPC has "failed Milwaukee is so many ways" and that the FPC board "sees this as a game".

"The FPC took down a good man and a good leader," the statement reads. "A person who, everyday, came to work and put in all that he could for the citizens of Milwaukee. A person who is respected by the men and woman that he led. But, the FPC has failed. You have failed the citizens of Milwaukee. You have failed those who the chief represented. You have failed Milwaukee in so many ways., Unfortunately, the FPC board sees this as a game. The FPC board laughed and joked at an individual who has fought for the citizens of Milwaukee. But this isn't a game. This is reality. the City of Milwaukee is struggling, but you  decided to keep this game going." 

Read the full statement from the Milwaukee Police Association below:

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