Lyft agrees to cover damages of beaten, carjacked driver after CBS 58 inquiry

NOW: Lyft agrees to cover damages of beaten, carjacked driver after CBS 58 inquiry

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A Milwaukee Lyft driver felt helpless after a passenger stole his car. Not only because he was beaten, but because he said the company at first claimed they couldn't cover him, but now he's getting answers.

Siaka Konneh was driving in Milwaukee for Lyft on Christmas Day. He picked up passenger Hugo Milan. Konneh said the passenger changed his destination several times and became verbally aggressive. Konneh said he was going to bring him back to his original destination when the passenger started to beat him up from the back of the vehicle. Konneh pulled over on the corner of 27th and Morgan and the passenger dragged him out, beat him up and stole his car.

"He started hitting me from every part of my body," Konneh said. "I found a way to escape because I couldn't fight him physically. I fell down I was unconscious."

Konneh filed a claim with Lyft, but he said their representative told him Lyft's insurance wouldn't cover him and he was advised to call his personal insurance company, which is American Family Insurance. However, that company told him they wouldn't cover him either because they're not responsible.

"We know our customer has been through a lot and we're very sorry for what he's been through," American Family Insurance Spokesperson Erin Johansen said. "Personal auto policy, on your personal vehicle, is not meant to cover a vehicle that's being used to conduct business,"

Lyft's policy says:

Our primary liability insurance is designed to act as the primary coverage from the time you accept a ride request until the time the ride has ended in the app. The policy has a $1,000,000 per accident limit.

Konneh said he felt lost.

"I got stranded between two big companies," he said.

Konneh emailed CBS 58 News for help. After CBS 58 News contacted Lyft for comment on this story, Konneh got a call back that day.

Lyft Spokesperson Scott Coriell said in a statement:

"This is an incredibly frightening incident. The passenger in question has been deactivated from the Lyft platform and we stand ready to assist law enforcement in any way we can. We have been in touch with this driver to offer our support and assistance. Lyft's insurance carrier has been notified about this incident and an adjuster has been in touch with the driver to assist with the claims process."

Konneh is now hoping that the damage to his car and medical bills are covered.

The passenger, Milan, was charged with Operating a Motor Vehicle Without Owner's Consent and remains in Milwaukee County Jail.

To see the full criminal complaint regarding the carjacking suspect, see below.

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