'Milwaukee In Pain' documentary examines impact of COVID-19 on Black community

NOW: ’Milwaukee In Pain’ documentary examines impact of COVID-19 on Black community

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- A new documentary takes a look at how the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the African-American community of Milwaukee.

The film called, ‘Milwaukee In Pain,' is directed by Theo Rogers who says it's real and raw. “It’s definitely engaging, it’s resourceful, and it’s the truth.”

A native of Milwaukee, Rogers was inspired to create the film after business for his production company, Professional Audio Visual in Las Vegas came to a halt.

“During that time I was trying to search for purpose and one of my dreams was to film a documentary."

It puts a spotlight on disparities plaguing the community, such as poverty, health, and racial segregation. COVID-19 only further exasperated the issues many were facing.

Firsthand accounts are told through a number of people, including Gauline ‘Gee’ Smith, owner of Gee’s Clippers. “It’s been tough. I personally know over 12 maybe, 15 people who have passed from COVID, personally,” he said.

Some of those victims were barbershop clients resonating why Smith opened a men’s clinic at the shop.

“Because you see how many African-American men in that age group that don’t go to their doctor, don’t get check-ups, that’s imperative that you get.”

After watching the documentary, Rogers hopes people walk away with a better understanding of his hometown. “We all need hope, and we all need to tell our story, he said. “A lot of time people don’t understand Milwaukee, Wisconsin.”

‘Milwaukee In Pain’ is complete. Humble Ambitious Media is currently negotiating for distribution.

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