Milwaukee Hosts Cheese and Technology Expo

Although it's not open to the public, CBS 58 News got inside the "Cheese and Technology Expo" at the Wisconsin Center in Downtown Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Of course, there were plenty of cheese trays around for attendees to sample.

But this is also about streamlining the industry.

Leaders in the field giving proven advice on how to get the most out of farm raised dairy and maximize a product's visibility on the market.

Our CBS 58 News crew couldn't help but notice a sleek contraption that helps filter cheese curds or a robot assembly line for cheese packaging. 

"There's a great economic impact to Milwaukee and Wisconsin," explained Rebekah Sweeney of Wisconsin Cheese Makers Association. "But it also solidifies our state as a leader in the cheese making industry. We're the world champion this year and we're host to the biggest technology fair in the industry."

A record 3,500 people are attending with nearly 280 companies from around the world staging exhibits.

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