Milwaukee DPW asks residents to clear ice and snow from storm grates, fire hydrants

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The temperatures are warming and snow is melting, which could bring flooding and problems. City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works (DPW) is asking for help from residents to prevent that from happening. 

According to news release from the DPW, crews are busy clearing snow, ice and debris away from storm sewer inlets and catch basins in the streets, especially in low-lying areas and known ponding problem areas. This removal effort should lessen the amount of roadway surface ponding. This is also critical for water draining where a water main break could contribute to ponding in the street. Milwaukee Water Works crews will use available equipment to remove snow and open catch basins when responding to leaks in the street.

Residents are encouraged to adopt a storm drain – and a fire hydrant – near their homes and businesses, DPW says. Clear snow, ice and any obstructions that may cover storm sewer grates in the street to eliminate any potential surface ponding. Clear snow and ice from hydrants to help the Milwaukee Fire Department maintain access to water in case of fire.

To report ponding, contact the City’s 24 hour resource at 286-CITY, online via Click4Action at or through the MKE Mobile Action app (

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