Milwaukee Diaper Mission opens new facility in Franklin

NOW: Milwaukee Diaper Mission opens new facility in Franklin

MILWAUKEE (CBS 58) -- The Milwaukee Diaper Mission has a new home in Franklin. The new warehouse will help the organization empower families in the Milwaukee area. 

Meagan Johnson is the executive director of the Milwaukee Diaper Mission. They supply those in need with diapers and feminine hygiene products. She's been working toward acquiring a space of this size for two years. 

"We are not just supporting families in need. We're supporting these small organizations...we're alleviating a bit of a burden, they're able to allocate funding and resources to other aspects of programming." 

Programming championed by many in Milwaukee including Mariah Riddlesprigger and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who've shown their love for the organization since the beginning. 

"Just seeing it go from the small warehouse where I first met Meagan, to this, being able to hold more diapers, being able to have more community volunteers, it's just absolutely amazing...I'm glad that we could be a part of it and that me and Giannis could help use our platform to help the community and give back," said Riddlesprigger. 

Johnson says one in three families will be affected by diaper need regardless of age, race or income. 

Diapers can cost anywhere from $70-80 a month per child. That's more than $800 dollars a year. It's a cost advocates feel every parent deserves help with.

"Having a kid shouldn't mean you struggle. I think kids are blessings and children are blessings. So helping families that need basic needs is really important," said Riddlesprigger. 

It's an importance this facility will bring to new heights. 

"The dream is to just keep serving more families, working with more agencies that support families in need, and continue to grow and expand in ways that you know, we're able to support this beautiful city," said Johnson. 

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