Milwaukee County could team up with Marquette University to improve mental health services

Buried in a recent announcement about a partnership between Marquette University and the Milwaukee Bucks was another significant development for Milwaukee County. 

A $5 million gift from Dr. Michael and Mrs. Billie Kubly will be used to establish the Charles E. Kubly Mental Health Research Center in the College of Health Sciences at Marquette University.

The Kublys are the founders of the Charles E. Kubly Foundation, “a public charity devoted to improving the lives of those affected by depression.” The charitable foundation is named in honor of their son, Charles, who took his own life after a long battle against the disease of depression. 

Just after the announcement, the Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services reached out to Marquette about working together to tackle mental health issues in the county.  

Milwaukee County Department of Health and Human Services Director Hector Colon says there has been significant progress in improving mental health services at the county facility. He also believes teaming up with Marquette will help build awareness, reduce stigma, and lead to better preventative strategies in mental health care. 

\"When you look at mental illness, one in four individuals has a mental illness, it also raises the level of importance as well,\" Colon said. \"We're very excited about this opportunity and we look forward to collaborating with them in any way we possibly can.\"

Colon says he has meetings set up with new Marquette University President Michael Lovell in the next few months to discuss future plans. 

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