Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey pushing for proactive approach to repairing potholes

NOW: Milwaukee Alderman Khalif Rainey pushing for proactive approach to repairing potholes

It was about a month ago that Milwaukee Alderman Kahlif Rainey issued a scathing statement in which he called Milwaukee's pothole situation "ludicrous."

One month later, Rainey tells CBS 58 News that he plans to introduce a proposal that will streamline response times.

"One of the biggest inefficiencies in process of getting potoholes filled is identification," explained Rainey in an interview with CBS 58's Michele McCormack.

He thinks instead of waiting for residents to report potholes, city workers who are already out in the neighborhoods for their jobs, should start reporting directly to the city.

He says what better source than workers with already on the streets with DPW, DHS, City Development, Water Works and others.

"I think we have a chance to identify the potholes and transmit the information back to the city and address those issues expeditiously," said Rainey.

He made it clear, he does not think this is a case of streets crews not doing their jobs.

"I think we have a strong workforce at the City of Milwaukee. They value their jobs and take great pride in the work they do. I think that the inefficiency in the process is evident in the potholes that myself and my neighbors drive over."

Right now to report potholes, residents are  encouraged to call (414) 286-CITY or 2489.

The report is usually addressed within 72 hours.

"That isn't bad, but even with the hotline there are barriers to getting concerns addressed," explained Rainey. "How about a new hotline soley for potholes?"

Rainey thinks the use of social media from facebook to twitter to instagram could be better utilized to report potholes and show just how bad a hazard might be.

This would enhance the use of an app that the city uses to hear from residents either online or from their cell phone.

Alderman Rainey would also like some serious consideration given to the creation of UW Milwaukee researcher Konstantin Sobolev who  has created concrete that's water repellent.

"It has a 120 year service life span," remarked Rainey. "It's time Milwaukee not just address potholes, but the materials we use."

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