Millions of new iPhones delivered in the mail

Milwaukee - Apple announced that the company sold 10 million new iPhones over the weekend. Many of those will be delivered in the coming days. A fact not lost on local criminals. But there are a few things customers can do to make sure their packages are more secure, according to the local post office.

\"They can also go to USPS, download the mobile apps for your phone. We will text you when it is scanned. You can also sign up for email notification, and you will be sent an email as well.\" Said, Leon Van Vooren.

Customers also have the option to put their mail on hold.

\"They can also put their mail on hold if no one is going to be around. It's a minimum of three days, and up to thirty days. You can pick up your mail at the post office, if you're not going to be around, and if you're worried about the security of it.\" Said, Van Vooren.

Local phone carriers say it can take at least two weeks for customers to receive the new iPhone 6 plus in the mail.

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