Mild Air Battles the Lake Breeze

NOW: Mild Air Battles the Lake Breeze

I was hopeful yesterday. For more warmth that is. We had two days with highs in the 50s and it felt great! Signs pointed to that trend continuing.  

Currently, our average high temperature is 44 degrees. So for perspective, any 50s are a treat. That said, it is also normal to swing on both sides of the average. In total, Milwaukee averages six days in the 50s or warmer for the month of March. Two down, four more to go, right?! And we've highlighted the warmer week ahead. But will it be 50s warm? That now looks to be a tall task, at least for Milwaukee thanks to the lake breeze. Check it out: 
 Fog is still looming over the city, due to the Lake breeze. The breeze is doing its' job keeping us cloudier and cooler than inland locations, as you can see.

I put together some 50s stats with the potential long stretch underway. But the breeze is making my topic a tough one.
As an example. earlier model data had temps topping out in the upper 50s today in the city. Now the latest churn only has us hitting 48 for a high. Even that is looking optimistic at this point! That said, there will be locations that experience 50s from this past Sunday through Thursday, hitting that five day mark. And that's enough for some golf courses to open. 
 Tomorrow still holds the best chance for our warmest day as winds should stay southwest. Bank on highs in the middle 60s!

 By Thursday we'll stay mild but face a few showers.

The best chance for these showers to occur is during the afternoon and evening and they should be fairly light and widely scattered. Once that system passes it's back to the Lake breeze and cooler 40s to wrap up the week.

The moral of the story: Take advantage of the milder days when we get them and think about plans at inland locations if you're looking for the warmest weather this time of year!

I'm meteorologist Rebecca Schuld

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