Medical Examiner's Office helping to combat the problem of child Opioid overdoses

Seven children have died from an opioid overdose in Milwaukee County in the last 19 months according to the Milwaukee Medical Examiner. Just last week, they responded to a 4-year-old's overdose on Milwaukee's north side.

Within the last ten years, more children are dying from opioid overdoses. The Medical Examiner's Office says several of these cases lead back to improper storage of medications while others have to do with dosage. They say people may not realize that even the smallest dose of a medication or drug can quickly turn into an emergency. 

\"It really doesn't take much drug at all. When an infant or a child takes medication accidentally, they will chew the medication which will release all of the drug into the blood stream at that time.\"

In an effort to help combat the problem, the Medical Examiner's Office will be having a 'Drug Take Back' next Saturday. You can drop off your unwanted or unused medication to various police departments.

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